C4PT Mission Statement

The Center for Progressive Therapies is a management community of wellness educators and holistic* practitioners. We serve health seekers as a facility for a variety of awareness and growth workshops as well as a hosting facility for gatherings open to it members. The C4PT.org is a tenant of the property. C4PT.org is incorporated as a non-profit with the State of CT as of 5/14/12 and in the process of for 501c(3) status with the federal government in 2015. The management prefers to support wellness programs in lieu of other commercial tenants.

The management plan is to provide wellness program space for community benefit. Classes are scheduled by the practitioners and have included Yoga, Massage, Tai Chi /Qigong, Karate, Reiki, Pilates, Chakra and Recreational Dance, Shamanic Journeying, Dream work, Buddhist Teachings, Guided and Moving Meditations, Photography, art work, Spiritual Alchemy and Hypnosis. Complimentary events have no revenue stream in any direction. Donations are accepted by and received by the facilitators. The property management rents space to practitioners and facilitators who propose programs for community benefit or for individual work for betterment. 

We are located on a private setting in the Cheneyville National Historic District in Manchester, Connecticut, the facility houses three buildings on 1 acre with ample parking, local lodging accommodations for travelers, local natural food restaurants and several historic points of interest.

Our community members typically conduct events, rain or shine, regarding wellness and evolutionary pathwork. These may include demonstrations on acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, astrological interests, bodywork, breathwork, Buddhist meditations and teachings, classes and courses in many subjects , drum circles, family and marriage therapy, guided meditations, holistic counseling, hydro colon therapy, hypnotherapy, indigo training, liver flushes, Life Coaching, medianship, QXCI-SCIO work, psychotherapy Reiki, relaxation events, trauma work, tai chi and yoga. We also enjoy offerings which include Guild meetings, Men's group, Hyperbaric Oxygen Club, Support Groups, workshops, and various gatherings and socials. 
The facility is suitable for private special events and occasions, parties and retreats for its members.

*What Is Holistic?

The word holistic is often used in various forms today. We believe holistic is a word which means to look at all of the options without pre-judgment and find the mixture of resources, modalities and treatments which works for you. Holistic is sometimes confused with the word alternative. Holistic, as we define it, does not mean anti-allopathic medicine. Holistic is not Ďantií anything. There are benefits to both allopathic and complimentary medicine. It is the black and white thinking that is precisely not holistic (in our terms) for it limits our choices. (It is also energetically, a choice: either contracted or open)

C4PT is created as a resource to offer you more choices and to give you the information and tools to decide for yourself what resources would most benefit you on your path to healing and living. We are not here to judge, rather, to allow you to judge for yourself. We ask for Blessings to you and to all of us in finding our unique paths in this holistic life.

Please! Pre-register for any event!

Please call either the facilitator or 860-649-9600 to register at least 24 hours ahead of time. There is often a minimum required for the event to occur, so without that minimum, it may be cancelled without your knowledge and your participation may have made the difference!


Time or Money? We ask a donation to help to defray the costs of operating the Center -- electricity, heat, etc. Many events are complimentary, are introductory or of low cost. For instance, there is a $10 suggested donation for some events unless otherwise specified. However, C4PT can always use a hand and will gladly accept a time donation instead of a monetary donation. Please call 860-916-2775 to discuss work exchange. 

192 Hartford Road
Manchester, CT 06040