International Network of Heroes Presents
The Hero Within --
Dare to Dream & Defy the Odds
 “The only requirement for membership is a desire to change the world!”

Know your world.  Know who your friends are and who the enemy is.

Turning your enemies into friends is something to accomplish, but be careful. Stick to your inner core belief and keep it strong, and when that belief is shown to be real and valuable, as well as genuinely plausible and insightful, even the Wolves will dance the dance of support!!!

The Network of Heroes meets the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month.
A donation of $20 is suggested, but none are turned away.

We guarantee this to be a life enhancing and transformative workshop series and all who genuinely wish to contribute to the well being of all are truly welcome.

Refreshments and live music performances are also on the menu.
Come out and grow!!!
See you then.

Cathy Flippen, Motivational Speaker, TV Host and Producer
Brian Walsh, Author, Recording Artist, Motivational Coach 

For further information, feel free to call 203-886-9216.